I'm about to make my little family of three, a four....

IMG_3266I'm off to have a baby number 2  so I wont be running any Creative workshops for pregnant women or Mums for now. I *hope* to resume activity in January 2017 but I'm going to see what feels right and not put too much pressure on myself or my support network. I will still be posting on Facebook and sharing makey ideas but with less regularity.

If you are keen to hear about new workshops then send me an message via the Contact page on this website an I'll add you to my mailing list- I never bombard people, I promise!

I have spent 2 years building this business up and have worked harder than I ever have in my life. Frankly I'm terrified that by having this break that all of my efforts will be lost so I implore you all, mother to mother, to keep telling your friends and family about Makey Mamas.

Come back and join me soon for makey fun.

Love Mistyx