Natural ways to soothe teething

Natural ways to soothe teething

Teething is something that effects all out tiny ones in different ways. Some babies are soothed by hot and others by cold so as mamas we have to try different things to see what works best.  Here are some the best things that work in our house. Let me know if there are others you’ve found have worked.

Natural ways to soothe teethingNatural oil mixing

Mix 30ml of chosen carrier oil (olive/ almond/ vegetable/ coconut) and add 3 drops of either Chamomile roman OR lavender Essential. Massage around the outside of jawline and neck area. Have a look at the Resources page to find what you need.

Mix together 1 drop EACH lavender, chamomile roman and tea tree Essential Oils in a bottle. Add only 1 drop of this mixture into a bowl of either hot or cold (try both) water. Dip a flannel in, wring it out and apply regularly to affected side.

Soak little sucky cloth in chamomile tea then freeze and give to baby (Make sure it’s not too solid first) or give baby a warm chamomile tea cloth to suck.

Wrap a small chunk of frozen breast milk in a small dry sucky cloth for them to suck on.Natural ways to soothe teething

Frozen fruit in a ‘fresh food feeder’

Massage their gums with your thumbs

Chamomile Teething Granules

Amber teething necklaces


Make a wool and wood teething ring via my video tutorial


Have a look at our other resources for more skincare products or come on a Natural Skincare workshop to make your own


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