Rosehip infused oil

Rosehip oil for websiteRosehip infused oil

Using  Hot Oil Infusion method

Rosehips are the fruit of wild rose plants and tend to be found in hedgerows all over the UK. They flower in early summer- the petals are edible and make a nice addition to Elderflower cordial. The hips ripen in Autumn. They are known for their high vitamin C content.

RosehipsRosehips are a nightmare to pick- there are thorns everywhere. I recommend wearing a long sleeved thick shirt with sturdy gloves. Have scissors on stand by as well as they don’t always come off easily. Rosehips are great food for birds over winter so make sure you never strip a whole bush, just a take a few from different bushes.

1 part fresh Rosehips

2 parts Carrier oil- I used grapeseed oil

There are two methods of infusion; hot oil or cold oil infusion. This is the hot oil infusion method and takes less time but uses electricity or gas. Cold oil infusion only uses the sun but can take a few weeks to be ready. Generally I’ve found fresh flowers or herbs work better in a hot oil infusion and dried flowers or herbs work better in a cold oil infusion. I believe this is because the moisture in the fresh flowers can add bacteria into the cold oil and make the oil go bad. As the hot oil infusion happens so quickly this doesn’t happen.

RosehipsAdd your rosehips into an oven proof pan and add the oil. Put your oven on the lowest heat possible.  I used 100 degrees although do it on 50 degrees if you can. Simmer for 4-8 hours.  It’ll turn a gorgeous deep yellow colour. It has the most amazing smell and makes me feel all warm and cosy!

As soon as you can, strain the rosehip oil through a clean muslin and pour into sterilsed bottles.

Rosehip oilUses

As an ingredient in face creams, lip balm, ointments and other healing products

Overnight moisturising oil- slather your face in it.

Massage oil for you


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